Welcome to Adoption Australia. Adopting a child is exciting and life-fulfilling, but by necessity it is an involved process. This can be a little confusing and it helps to know what to expect before you start. Our caring, professional team can advise you on all of your options, regardless of your situation.

There are different requirements for adopting within Australia as opposed to adopting from overseas, and the laws can even change between states, so it's best to have the most current information for the area you wish to adopt from. Our adoption experts have the specific requirements for each country and state open for adoption, which can save you the time and frustration of trying to find it all yourself. The details we provide are comprehensive and easy to read, and will let you know exactly how to get the ball rolling with your adoption application.

Many myths surround adoption. We can help clear up any misconceptions and explain the options available to you. No doubt you have a lot of questions so feel free to take a look at our FAQ's section which will hopefully address some of your concerns.