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Welcome to Adoption Australia. The following is a little more information on what is involved in the adoption process.

Many families choose to adopt a baby over a child, particularly if you are a first time parent, as this can enable you and your partner to bond with the child more easily, as well as making it easier for the child to to adjust.

Local Adoptions usually follow a four step format:

- Initial screening - Workshop, application and assessment - Allocation and placement - Post adoption order

Adopting internationally is longer process as you will be assessed in Australia and in the country you are adopting from. The adoption is usually finalised in the country that the child is from, however with some countries it is not final until the Australian court has made an adoption order.

The process for intercountry adoption can vary between countries but in many cases it follows a structure such as this:

- Enquiry - Education program - Application, assessment and approval - Home study, waiting and matching a child to you - Travel to meet and pick up your child - Supervision and application for your child to receive Australian citizenship - Completion – 1 year after receiving your child, both governments will finalise the adoption.

If you are wanting to pursue adoption as an option for your family, we can provide information on adopting a child from within or outside of Australia and can share with you our recommendations on what you may need to do to meet the eligibility criteria of your local state adoption department. We also have details on the eligibility criteria from countries that are open to adoption by Australian families and can give you estimated costs and fees for the various adoption processes. You will also need information on international law and how this affects inter-country adoptions if that is what you are considering. We provide you with information regarding alternative options, as well as details on single parent and gay or lesbian household adoptions. Along with that information, we also include contact details for agencies, support groups and non-governmental organisations involved in the adoption process.

We can assist you with this process by providing you with up to date information in an easy to read format and ongoing assistance to make sure you are fully informed. We understand that the adoption process is a special time for many families and that is why we want to offer our full support. We feel that the information that we can provide will greatly assist you through the adoption process.

If you have any questions on hot to adopt a baby or about other issues involved with adoption, please fill in the form on our services page.

If you have any questions on Adoption Australia or about other issues involved with adoption, please fill in the form on our services page.

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